Fraxel Laser Treatment Removes Old and New Scars

The Fraxel scar removal procedure is one of the ways to remove a problematic old scar that we are embarrassed about. Let’s face it, a lot of us have a scar or two that might remind us of an accident or surgery, but there is the Fraxel laser treatment is a new procedure that can rejuvenate the skin and erase both old and new scars. Usually people have reservations about treating fresh scars and the dogma has been you can only treat old scars or mature scars. Or, people think that it will eventually disappear with time only to find out that it doesn’t. Fraxel can remove both old and new scars quite effectively.

Does Fraxel Scar Treatment Hurt?

Fraxel is looking to be the next big wave in beauty enhancement procedures because patients report that it only numbs a little bit and you feel just a bit of heat. Patients reveal that it is totally worth the discomfort. Patients get the laser treatment because it can fix away years of sun damage that ages the skin, or embarrassing acne scars. One can say that sun damage is self afflicted by years of sun tanning. However, we didn’t know the effects of sun damage before and now everyone knows to protect themselves due to the harmful sun rays due to skin cancer. On the other hand, for acne sufferers, they are just unlucky with their skin. People have been wondering for years if diets cause their breakouts of pimples. The fact is, most acne sufferers would do anything to get rid of their breakouts, including having a healthy diet and keeping good hygiene. For these people who have done everything right and still have acne and the scars to prove it, now there is a solution that might help their suffering. Fraxel just might be the cure all for getting rid of scars.

How Does Fraxel Remove Scars?

As the name Fraxel laser treatment implies, the procedure is done by a laser. The laser causes controlled damage to just below the dermis. It is at the dermis level in which collagen is made. The laser destroys old collagen and provides stimulus to new collagen. The new collagen spreads out and the scar is improved. After a series of treatments, the scars begin to fade. Fraxel is also the first laser to be approved the FDA for full body treatment.

Positive Fraxel Reviews

Due to all the positive reviews of Fraxel, it really seems as though this skin resurfacing treatment is the preferred method for skin resurfacing in the cosmetic industry.

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  1. I'm also embarrassed about my acne scars and I'm currently looking for a good treatment that could help me with my skin problem. I think that a Toronto fraxel procedure would be the perfect solution for me. But, I'm wondering how much does this cosmetic procedure cost? I hope I can afford it! I can't wait to get rid of these annoying acne scars!