What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Fraxel is a new way to treat damaged skin caused by the sun and just through the onslaught of age. Or, perhaps you have some facial scaring that is undermining your confidence. Fraxel laser treatments can treat these issues and it is a relatively simple cosmetic procedure. Read below to find out more about this skin laser resurfacing system.

What does Fraxel stand for?

Fraxel laser treatment is actually very appropriately named because it stands for Fraction + Pixel. Combined, the two words make Fraxel. What Fraxel laser treatment does is that it treats skin fractions and treats them a pixel at a time. It makes wonderful sense.

Fraxel treatment is a laser treatment that precisely treats microscopic areas of skin using pinpoint laser beams. Fraxel laser resurfacing penetrates the skin surface to eliminate old and damage skin cells. Fraxel laser treatment is great for treating age spots and sun damaged skin and other skin scarring issues.

What kind of recovery time can you expect after Fraxel cosmetic procedure?

The downtime from Fraxel skin treatments is minimal since the laser is so pinpoint precise and only targets under 50 percent of the skin’s surface so the patient can heal very quickly. You can expect some mild puffiness during the first few days. After you get the Fraxel laser skin treatment, it will leave you feeling smoother and younger looking. It can take years off your appearance as the laser treatment promotes your natural rejuvenation recovery.

Who are the best candidates for Fraxel laser treatments?

Fraxel is a safe laser skin resurfacing treatment for most individuals because of the fast healing process. However, you should always consult your doctor for any precise issues and concerns you might have.

Why choose Fraxel over other laser treatments?

the degree of control of the laser treatments causes minimal bruising and bleeding leading to little risk for scarring
as mentioned, after the skin resurfacing treatments, the recovery time is quite minimal.

What kind of skin issues can Fraxel treat?

The Fraxel laser treatment procedure is ideal for patients suffering from sun damaged skin, age spots and scaring. Getting Fraxel laser resurfacing will improve the texture of your skin, its tone, and even the pore size. If you are embarrassed by acne and facial scars, the Fraxel treatments will also help reduce acne or facial scars. Fraxel lasers can be targeted on the face and neck.

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